• Above all, we want to create a great community, which is why we are offering you an ambassador programme.

• Nothing could be easier, you register and we validate your application if your profile matches our values.

• We trust you and we offer you unique Bucket Hats that will appeal to your users, so don't wait any longer and join us today!

Become a brand ambassador.

We find roughly 10 influencers a year and provide them with free training and assistance.

Our goal is to enable you to get a monthly payment when you promote Bucket Hat, leaving you completely free to advertise on your preferred Instagram publications.

• How does it works ? •

Join the program

Join our team of ambassadors to have your profile seen by more than 15,000 visitors every month when it is posted on our website.

Share the brand

-10% discount with your unique promo code will help you promote Bucket Hat on social media.

Earn gifts and income

Earn commission on each purchase made with your promotional code and take advantage of exclusive savings for our muses.

Earn up to £400 a month easily.

You can simply make money. As we stated, all you need to do is spread the word about your link and unique promo code as much as you can.

Get a 10% commission on each item sold while assisting Bucket Hat in spreading a message of love and kindness.

Commission Calculations :
0 - 20 Bucket Hats Sold = 10%
20 - 100 Bucket Hats Sold = 12%
+ 100 Bucket Hats Sold = 15%

Once you exceed a threshold, we will look at the number of sales you have made and pay you the appropriate commission.

Our Customer Reviews

5 reasons to become our ambassador.

• We frequently offer out a few complimentary products to our customers.

• Our payment mechanism is safe, and registration is quite straightforward.

• By suggesting dependable items, you add value to your community.

• You have a wonderful project and represent a quickly expanding brand.

• Your personalised promo code gives you a special benefit.


Anybody may work as an ambassador! You may become a member of our ambassador network whether you are one of our customers, an influencer, a blog or website owner.

From your personal space, you can consult all the statistics concerning your sales. If an order is placed through your affiliate link, it will be recorded in this area.

1. There are several options; you may select the ones you like most.

2. You may advertise on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

3. You can add a link to our website if you own a website.

4. If you blog, you may include a link anchor in a post with a subject related to the message.

We will be informed of your sale along with the precise amount that will be transferred to you.

After that, we will swiftly transfer the funds to your account via PayPal.

Contact us

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

We really want to accompany you in this adventure, that's why we have made this contact form available to you.

👋 Have a nice day, and see you soon.

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